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Oh, hi there!

You are probably visiting to find out whether or not personal training, or more specifically, working with me as your personal trainer could be right for you. So, why not let me start off by telling you a little bit about the people who have chosen to work with me already…

 Most of them are women looking for help with weight loss. In addition, they are often looking for guidance on appropriate exercise during or after pregnancy and into and beyond the menopause. Men come to train with me too- some have been referred by their wives or partners and some have found me independently.  They are usually most interested in injury rehabilitation and staying strong into their later years.

 Before choosing to work with me, many of these people had not exercised for a number of years, some of them had never stepped foot in a gym and a handful had suffered bad experiences with fitness trainers in the past. For all of them, starting their journey was a little daunting.

 That said, they all began with a commitment to train with me between 1 and 3 times per week, depending on what they wanted to achieve. Some stayed for three months, some are now in their third year!

 Since they started, these people have gone on to try new recipes, learn how to lift weights, re-wear the clothes that didn’t fit them before, run half marathons, climb up and down the stairs without pain again, walk 100 kilometre challenges, prepare and recover from knee replacement surgery, have active and healthy pregnancies, reduce their back pain, embrace their post baby body, touch their toes again and grow leaps and bounds in confidence.

 My clients really are awesome. We try to find the fun and enjoyment in training and being active- whatever that means for each person. Some people enjoy lifting heavy, some enjoy hitting stuff, others like silly games. We laugh regularly and sometimes we even cry together- it’s all part of the journey!


Start your journey here...

Meet Hollie

No matter where you currently are on your health and fitness journey, I’m excited to meet you and help you achieve your goals.  

My own fitness journey started at 15 years old when I started running and going to the gym to lose weight. However, exercise quickly became so much more to me than a weight loss tool, as training regularly gave me a strong, fit and healthy body that I loved. Several years later in 2010, I graduated from a sports science degree at Swansea University with first class honours and a tonne of enthusiasm, knowing I wanted to use my knowledge to help other people lead healthier, more fulfilled lifestyles. 

I qualified as a personal trainer in 2010 and quickly moved to London to learn from the best. I worked there for several years before the call of the countryside became too loud to ignore and luckily an opportunity arose in 2016 that would allow me and my husband to move to Devon.

I have enjoyed running my business, meeting new people and delivering PT sessions to my clients in and around Totnes ever since. I continue to feel passionate about learning and in 2018 I qualified as a level 5 soft tissue therapist with The Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage after realising the benefit of being able to offer hands on treatments like sports massage, in addition to PT, to help manage injury, aid recovery and optimise performance. I now offer both personal training and sports massage therapy services and continue to be fascinated by the human body and what it can achieve!  

Little known facts about Hollie…

Grew up in: Cheddar, Somerset

Favourite place: Polkerris Beach, Cornwall

 Special treat: A facial with Suzie from Undone Beauty

No.1 exercise: Dancing

Hidden talent: Singing

Material item I couldn’t live without: Trainers

Signature dish: Chocolate cake (oops!)

What I offer 


Personal training, wherever suits you

I offer both studio based and mobile personal training, so you can choose what works best for you. 

 Personal training at the studio allows you to get away from it all and focus on yourself for the duration of your appointment. The studio is located at my home in Bridgetown, Totnes, where there is parking available. It is small but mighty, and is equipped with a carefully chosen selection of cardiovascular and strength training equipment that will ensure you really make the most out of your session. The studio personal training experience is also topped off with a few little luxuries like face towels and complimentary post workout snacks to ensure you leave feeling looked after.

 Mobile personal training is the perfect option if you lead a busy lifestyle and want to work out at a time and place that is convenient to you. I will travel to your home, office, or local park with all the equipment you need for your personal training session. You may be surprised at what you can achieve outside of a gym, using relatively simple pieces of kit! Mobile PT is about as bespoke as it gets- If you have ever struggled to fit exercise into your day, then it could be for you.


Diet and lifestyle coaching

Because achieving your fitness goals depends on so much more than exercise alone, advice on improving your diet and lifestyle is  included as part of your personal training experience, if you require it.

Have you ever been confused about what to eat? You’re not alone. We can work together to agree an approach to nutrition that will help you to reach your goals and work for you in the long term. 

Lifestyle wise, we’ll dive into topics such as stress management and sleep optimisation. Ensuring that these elements of your lifestyle are looked after can have a really positive impact on your overall health, so we’ll give them the attention they deserve! 


Sports massage therapy INCLUDING pre and post natal massage

Because recovery and relaxation is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, I am pleased to offer sports massage therapy from my home in Bridgetown, Totnes, where there is parking available.    

Sports massage therapy could be great for you if you need help managing a past or present injury or a chronic musculoskeletal condition. Techniques used in sports massage therapy include sports and remedial massage, muscular release techniques and stretching exercises that release tension deep in the body WITHOUT being painful, leading to a firm sense of relief and wellbeing.  Rehabilitation and strengthening exercises can also be recommended to help prevent injury re-occurance, should you require them.  

 I am also qualified to treat pre and post natal women.  Pregnancy is a time where the body goes through some enormous changes physically and mentally. Massage therapy at this time can be helpful for pain relief, relaxation and general wellbeing. Post birth, treatment can be extremely helpful for healing and recovery, not to mention some much needed relaxation and mummy time!   


Advice you can trust

With so much misinformation floating around nowadays, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to improving your health and fitness. I hold a first class degree in sports and exercise science and have 8 years experience as a personal trainer. During my career, I have worked in some of the best facilities in London, alongside other experienced personal trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists.

This has provided me with useful skills that have helped me achieve success with clients with a variety of goals including fat loss, strength improvement, injury rehabilitation and pre and post natal training. Furthermore, I have a passion for learning and am always seeking out new ways to help my clients, so you can be sure you are getting the very best care and advice.

For your peace of mind, I also hold an emergency first aid certificate and full public liability insurance.

Prices and booking


1-1 Personal Training


Initial consultation (over the phone or in person)- Complimentary

Introduce yourself and your health and wellness hopes and dreams! Find out a little bit more about personal training and whether or not it is right for you.

First appointment (90 minutes)- £50

Your first appointment is held at the studio and is around 90 minutes long. During this time we’ll talk about your goals, your health and fitness history and your current lifestyle. We’ll also do some exercise to see how you move and where your fitness levels currently stand, so that you can get off to a flying start on your first full personal training session.  

 Personal training (60 minutes)- From £40 per session

Personal training packages are discussed in detail at either your initial consultation or your first appointment. They are recommended on an individual basis to ensure that you are entering into a programme that will give you the best chance of success. 

Please get in touch or request a call back below so that we can discuss the best way forwards for you.

Sports Massage Therapy


 First appointment (90 minutes)- £50

Your first appointment is held at my house and is 90 minutes long. During this appointment we will discuss your needs and go through a short assessment to help guide your following treatment.  

 After your first treatment, feel free to choose a length of time that suits you best!  

75 minutes- £45 

60 minutes- £40  

45 minutes- £35  

Please note that appointment durations include a consultation and changing time of up to 10 minutes. 

Success stories

Don’t just take it from me, let my customers do the talking!

“I never dared to wear skinny jeans before but now I am able to wear the tightest of trousers, all thanks to Hollie!”

I have been training with Hollie for the last 14 months. Since training with her I have noticed significant muscle gain (not bulk!) and fat loss all over my body- I am so pleased with the results I have achieved! I would definitely recommend Hollie to anyone who wants to make a significant change to their health and fitness. Before starting training, my BMI was around 26 and after 7 months of intense training with Hollie, it reduced to 21 (back within the healthy range). Training regularly with Hollie has changed my body shape entirely and I have lost weight from my thighs and bum, which was always my problem area. I never dared to wear skinny jeans before but now I am able to wear the tightest of trousers, all thanks to Hollie! Under her supervision, I also completed my first ever half marathon in a decent time (2 hrs 12) in 2014. The best thing about training with Hollie is that she did not make it feel like punishment. She made the work outs extremely interesting and I have never been bored! She is always smiling, very chatty and full of positive energy which is great when you are working so hard. No one wants a very strict trainer – exercising is quite hard already!

I think the first thing to say about Hollie is she makes fitness fun! The second thing to say is she’s an incredible personal trainer who really does know her stuff! She personalises training to help you achieve your goals and in my case got me fit enough to do the Prudential Ride 100 last August with relative ease and in a time I didn’t believe was possible. I continue to train with her and love every minute…even on a Saturday morning when I have the occasional hangover. I can definitely recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their health and exercise goals…My only concern about writing a testimonial is that she would become too popular and wouldn’t have time to see me any more!
John C

“People say I look great. I certainly feel great- More positive, more confident, less tired and more ready to go and grab life.”

People perhaps too often talk about things being “transformational”. However, in the case of my PT experience with Hollie, the sessions and the results proved truly transformational. I started in Jan 2014 as your typical City worker approaching my 50th birthday. I was overweight, lethargic and had poor posture. I signed up for PT sessions each week with Hollie for 12 months from Jan 2014 to Dec 2014. Frequent business trips meant that I probably only made the appointment 60% of the time. However, when I wasn’t with Hollie training, I had the Hollie-mini-me in my head always trying where possible to choose the right stuff from the restaurant menu; getting to the gym in the hotel if I was travelling. The results after a year of training were beyond my expectations. I entered 2014 weighing 111.8 kg and exited 2014 weighing 98.5Kg, a loss of over 13kg. I also lost a total 30 cm from my chest, waist and hips; which meant some unexpected additional expense in the wardrobe department. As an office worker, my posture was terrible. Through the sessions we worked on building core strength and back strength. I now sit better, walk better and I just feel 1000% better too. I have more energy, more confidence. People say I look great. I certainly feel great- More positive, more confident, less tired and more ready to go and grab life. Hollie made this happen through enthusiasm but also subtlety. She was ever positive; always there with her great smile. But importantly she was always pushing me; always extending the exercises we did, changing small things; without me really noticing. Clearly she knows what she is talking about and what she is doing. I just relaxed and followed her direction. Hollies expertise on training, physiology and nutrition is deep; but she doesn’t ram it down your throat. Just coaches, encourages and supports. I have worked with a few PTs over the years and Hollie is head and shoulders above the rest. She guided me through a very successful and transformative year and I would recommend her to anyone that wants to go on a similar journey to me.

“In summary, Hollie has helped me feel fitter, stronger and more focused in everything I do.”

I trained with Hollie for 10 months doing two to three sessions a week of varied strength, cardio and stretching exercises. Since training with Hollie I have managed to maintain my training for the longest period in over 20 years, my body fat has reduced by 10%+, I’ve lost 6 cm on my waist and gained muscle mass and strength in my whole body. Before I started training with Hollie I also suffered from a bad back and an injured knee. By working on core strength and flexibility, both of these injuries have virtually disappeared which is a great relief! My diet was fairly good prior to training with Hollie, but with her help I have been able to focus more on the types of foods that work better for my recovery and are optimal for reduction of body fat. I have also looked at my weekly alcohol intake and reduced this which is helping me sleep better and focus more on daily tasks. Drinking less also helps me make the most out of my training. Hollie makes training enjoyable, fun and also challenging; she knows how to push you but doesn’t ever take it too far. I think Hollie’s experience and personality really sets her apart from other personal trainers, she really gets to know you as a person and can adapt your training specifically to you; she has a special way of making you feel good about yourself and what you’ve achieved. In summary, Hollie has helped me feel fitter, stronger and more focused in everything I do. Due to her help I have been able to gain a clearer outlook and more confident approach to the future. I am now able to set realistic goals to achieve in my training and in my life generally. Working regularly with Hollie has really helped me address my work life balance and I now feel happier and less stressed as a result.

“Hollie kept our sessions fun and upbeat, but they were always hard work!”

My wife and I trained with Hollie for approximately 6 months to build our overall fitness levels.

Hollie kept our sessions fun and upbeat but they were always hard work!! She was supportive and encouraging and kept the sessions fresh with new equipment and routines to keep us on our toes leading us to our goals. Although my wife and I trained in a joint session, the training was tailored for each of us individually, pushing us to our respective fitness levels. Hollie also worked with us to improve our diets and gave us personalised routines for in between our sessions.

Hollie had a great understanding of anatomy and physiology and this was linked well to the exercise programs she designed for us.

We would both highly recommend Hollie if you were also looking to improve your health and fitness. We both felt an increased level of fitness by the end of our time with Hollie that we have be able to maintain. We would not hesitate to contact Hollie again if we were looking to re-start with a personal trainer.

Paul and Claire

Get in touch

If you’re interested in personal training or sports massage, I’d love to find out about you and hear how you think I can help you achieve your goals. 

Please email hollie.shillito@gmail.comcall on 07568 543106, or request a call back at a time that suits you below.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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