I completed my Level 5 Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy at the beginning of 2018 and am really excited to be able to offer treatments to you today. Soft Tissue Therapy can be helpful on it’s own, but is especially effective alongside exercise and can really help people to live with less pain and more joy!
*What is Soft Tissue Therapy?*
In a nutshell, soft tissue therapy helps to maintain the health of your muscular system.
Or more specifically, your soft tissues; which include your muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.
Techniques used in Soft Tissue Therapy include:
Sports and remedial massage
Muscular release techniques
Passive and active stretching exercises
Strengthening exercises
Treatment is could be beneficial for you for you if:
🙂 You are a physically active person and want to keep performing at your best.
🙂 Your muscles often feel ‘tight’ and ‘stiff’.
🙂 You have a minor injury and would like to help promote healing.
🙂 You are recovering from acute injury and would like to keep your muscles flexible and your joints around that injury mobile.
🙂 If you have a chronic condition that affects your muscles and you’d like to help manage any discomfort you feel in your muscles as a result of that condition.
🙂 If you just want a really good, effective massage to keep you moving well and feeling happy!

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment. You can also find out more on my Facebook Page.

Hollie x

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