It is the key to dietary success, but what does it look like? Do you really have to spend hours in the kitchen producing towers of tupperware filled with all of your healthy food for the week?

If you want to, but not always! Anyway, who wants to eat wilted salad leaves and squishy veg after a week in a tub?
Here are some other ways to be prepared:

  • Clearing your cupboards of crappy food and either storing it somewhere you can’t see it (and where you’ll be more likely to eat it), or just throwing it away. Crap food is crap, was crap when you bought it and will always be bad for you so why do you need to keep it?
  • Plan out your meals for the week so you have a concise shopping list to go to the supermarket with.
  • Preparing elements of your meals rather then the whole thing- cooking up a batch of meat or roasted sweet potatoes for salads, or a big soup that can be frozen in smaller portions for future lunchtimes.
  • Stocking up on healthy food essentials- for me this is eggs, spinach and broccoli, veg to snack on, humous, greek yoghurt, dark chocolate and nuts. I know that if all the above are in my house, I can come up with a healthy meal or snack no matter how bare my cupboards are.
  • Popping a healthier snack in your handbag or briefcase. Nuts, health bar, piece of fruit- incase you get caught hungry at any point throughout the day.
  • Preparing your exercise kit ready for your evening workout!


To your success,


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