Blindfolded cartoon woman from Totnes

What if regular exercise didn’t help you lift more, run faster, help your clothes fit better, make you look good naked and get you more positive compliments on your appearance or likes on your latest social media post? 

Would there still be a point in doing it?

The truth is, there are so many more ‘unseen’ benefits of regular exercise than the ones we can see from the outside. 

  1. Feeling happier- Decreased depression and anxiety and increased ability to manage stress.
  2. Feeling like a superhero- Strong, empowered and capable of undertaking new physical challenges and re-starting old hobbies.
  3. Feeling alive and connected with your body.
  4. Health- Better general health and reduced risk of chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s and cancer.
  5. Brain health and getting stuff done- Increased attention, learning and memory.
  6. Ageing amazingly- Reduced risk of osteoporosis, chronic back pain, falling, dementia. 
  7. Sleeping soundly- Longer, deeper, uninterrupted zzzz’s (unless you have young kids!).
  8. Better sex- Feeling sexier, increased libido, better endurance!
  9. Better relationships with friends and family- If you are feeling all of the above benefits of regular exercise, chances are that you’ll probably be a nicer mum/dad/brother/sister/ husband/wife/friend. 

In a world where the fitness industry focuses mainly on what you can see, I think it’s most important to remember the ones you can’t. 

Personally, I choose to exercise mainly for the ‘unseen’ benefits! 

What are your ‘unseen’ reasons for wanting to exercise regularly? 

What do you want to do next month that you cannot do right now?

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